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Medication anemia attention deficit, anemia latest treatment for.

Home Forums Physical Training Medication anemia attention deficit, anemia latest treatment for.


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    Medication anemia attention deficit, anemia latest treatment for

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    Does Procrit cause diarrhea? In Summary. Common side effects of Procrit include: upper respiratory tract infection, arthralgia, decreased serum iron, diarrhea, edema, fever, low serum ferritin, paresthesia, respiratory congestion, skin rash, tachycardia, cough, dyspnea, headache, nausea, signs and symptoms of injection site, and vomiting.
    Is Epogen the same as epoetin? Epoetin alfa is also used to treat anemia in individuals with HIV infection and in patients with cancer who are receiving chemotherapy. Erythropoietin is a protein that normally is made in the body by the kidney. Epogen and Procrit are both epoetin alfa, but they are marketed by two different pharmaceutical companies.
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