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My Coaching Story – Jason Rivers, Ethan United FC

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    James Stokes

    Coach: Jason Rivers
    Club: Ethan United FC
    Located: Ashby-de-la-Zouch, UK
    Previously coached U12-U18 school teams. Current team is a Veteran club that were founded about 12 months ago to raise money for a local boy called Ethan – hence the team name. We’ve spent the last year training and playing friendly matches and have registered to now play in the league for the upcoming season.  To find out more about Ethan, and how you could help, visit the Ethan United page at http://www.facebook.com/ethanunitedfootballclub


    What Challenges do I face at the Grassroots level of the game?

    The challenges have been very different from grassroots with the players having a wide array of technical backgrounds, full of enthusiasm but limited game experience in recent years. This together with the age we are as a team meant players had the core principles to play as individuals but needed to refresh how to play with structure, positioning and as a team. Personally, I had to find a balance with sessions to ensure players enjoyed themselves, built and extended their skill set but also gave them an opportunity to stretch their legs, having a kick about but with purpose.

    How has Edge of Play Coaching supported my coaching?

    This is where the advice, videos and entire site for Edge of Play has helped me. There are so many game based sessions that allow my team to regain their touch, fitness and get to know each other through play. Subsequently, the central focus of the EoP sessions support me to coach and introduce aspects of play to our game, sharpening what we can do but adjusting to the ability we now have as a Veteran team. Whether it’s a weekly training session, post match adjustments or as I’m currently doing; putting together our pre-season schedule, EoP is the first point of call. If it doesn’t give me an actual like for like session I can use, it gives me the understanding to adjust and arrange my own drills and sessions for the team whatever we need.

    Favourite Edge of Play Coaching video?

    Favourite video(s) have to be the technical defending series of 3 (1v1,2v3,3v3 defending); a great progressive series (I’m a school teacher by day and the way that these build and scaffold the core defending objectives allowing greater use of those skills is amazing). This together with the command words for defending is something slowly being drip fed into sessions and is our key goal for next season – the ability to defend as a team and have the trust in cover and support behind you.

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